Uniform Policy

The school uniform is required. We find that in many respects it encourages a sense of equality and fraternity in a school having such a variety of cultures. All students must wear the CRIA polo shirt and navy blue bottoms that must be purchased from the school store or you may purchase used school approved uniforms from the PA used uniform sale/swap or from CRIA families. Be sure that any used uniforms purchased have not been altered in length. Uniforms must be modest to respect our 3-18 multicultural student population. Students who participate in sports during lunch should wear a T-shirt for that activity and then put the uniform shirt back on for class. T-shirts should be the same as those approved for P.E. classes. Boys and girls should have neat hairstyles. Only moderate jewelry and cosmetics are allowed. 

Students must wear sneakers, athletic shoes, or sandals. Flip flops are prohibited for safety reasons. Any sweater/outerwear must be the CRIA sweatshirt. Hats or other headgear are not permitted in classrooms. Any T-shirts worn under the polo shirt should be short-sleeved, solid color in white or blue or official school T-shirts.

Students not in compliance with the Uniform Policy will be given a lunchtime detention. Three detentions in one quarter will result in the student being sent home for the appropriate uniform.

PE Uniform

In addition, all CRIA students are required to have a Physical Education (PE) uniform that consists of red shorts and a T-shirt with the school logo on its front. All uniforms must be purchased by the family at the school store or used uniforms through the PA uniform swap or another CRIA family. Students must have athletic shoes for PE classes.

Field Trips

While on field trips that involve water (beach, boat, etc.), all secondary students are required to wear shorts (board shorts or others). No bikini bottoms are allowed. When indicated, students may be requested to wear clothing other than the school uniform while on field trips. In these cases, clothing should be modest. No spaghetti strapped tops or mid-riff bearing shirts are allowed. Clothing may not display logos that are inappropriate for a T-12 academic setting.

Swimming Pool Attire

For swimming classes, female students must wear a one piece, a tankini, or a rash guard. A swim cap and goggles are also mandatory for all students involved in the swim classes whether during school or as part of the After School Activities program.